(Note the painting library is being redesigned; temporary displays of painting are provided here until the new design is completed.)

Painting is a form of meditation for me, a way to release from hypnotic thinking. The “almost nothing” nature of watercolor agrees with my spirit and keeps me humble, but I have also begun to paint in acrylics. My paintings are sometimes imagined, sometimes real-life compositions, derived from observation and experience of the natural world. I try to allow each picture to “discover itself”, become its own unique and legitimate place. I strive for a level of detail that connects to that bright, complex clarity of nature that fills our hearts whenever we pay attention, that always rewards a more careful look, that constantly reminds us that the world of which we are a part is still full of mystery, magic, delight and wonder, and so much more complex and beautiful than anything our minds can ever imagine or comprehend.

Acrylic Paintings, Isle of Bute, Scotland

Watercolor Paintings, Durham, Tyneside, and Northumberland

Watercolor Paintings, Asheville, North Carolina

Drawings, North Carolina