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Walks on Bute

These are all terrific walks. Note that I don’t own a car, so all my walks include bus connections. One or two are hard to get to by bus although they are doable. A bike is another option to minimize road walking.

Bute Ramblers
Local branch of the Ramber’s Association
Wildflower Walks on Bute
This is a lovely online resource provided by Roger Connard.
Bute Community Forest
The community forest provides many walking opportunities, that can extend south to Ettrick Bay and Port Bannatyne.
Balnakailly Circular from Rhubodach
A circular walk through the Community Forest. Here’s the map
Slavannan Bay
This walk starts at Kilchattan Bay and crosses the island to Slavannan Bay. From there you can wander up the western shore to Gallachan Bay and even as far as Scalpsie Bay. (details coming soon)
Southern Loop
This walk starts at Kilchattan Bay and follows the coast south and round to head back north past St. Blane’s Church, to return to Kilchattan Bay. (details coming soon)
This walk starts at Kingarth and heads west then south to Dunagoil, passing two stone circles. (details coming soon)
St. Ninians Bay
This walk starts at Rothesay and heads over to Straad and St. Ninians Bay. It’s easier to get to during the months when the tour bus is running. (details coming soon)
Ettrick Bay to Kilmichael
This walk begins at the northern end of Ettrick Bay and follows the coast up to Kilmichael where there used to be a ferry across to Kames. (details coming soon)
Rhubodach to Ettrick Bay
This walk begins at the ferry terminal at Rhubodach, winds through the community forest, then down the centre of the island to Ettrick Bay and a bus home. Can be marshy in places! (details coming soon)