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Sunlit Post on the Weardale Way

The Weardale Way runs past Newton Hall, where we live, on its way from Chester-Le-Street to Durham. One section is lined with trees on both sides with fields beyond. There is often a strong contrast between shaded path and sunlit fields. This painting doesn’t show the Weardale Way itself but rather a small path running off to a field.

I feel as if I am finally settling on a standard palette focused on transparent and earth colours: transparent yellow (py 150), indian yellow/gamboge (py 153), lemon yellow (py 3)), raw sienna (PBr 7), burnt sienna (PBr 7), burnt umber (PBr 7, pr 101, py42)),  indian red (pr 101), permanent rose (pv 19), ultramarine (pb 29) and cobalt (pb28), viridian (pg 18), and (I know, a little laziness here) olive green (py65, pb 15:6, pr 101). Viridan and cobalt provide good green blues, and including olive green gives me some nice greens that I otherwise struggle with.  Ultramarine and burnt sienna mixes are just lovely! I’ve dropped rich reds and haven’t missed them at all.