The following student comments are extracted from official course evaluations and in some cases student emails.

This is one of the most organized, well taught classes I have ever taken. The combination of quizzes, reading assignments, and exercises balance each other very well. The work load was reasonable and applicable – I wish this was true in all of my classes. This isn’t to say that it was too easy – it definitely wasn’t – it was challenging. But it was FAIR! Thank you – you are an awesome professor.

Professor O’Kane is extremely proficient in teaching CIS 115. He makes the subject material easy to learn and easy to execute in real-world situations. If every teacher at AB-Tech could provide the knowledge and professionalism that Professor O’Kane has brought his students, we’d be at Harvard. In other words, he’s a keeper.

Great textbook, great presentation of the material, great assignments. Probably the best online class I will ever take. I was really impressed with the class and the teacher. The teacher was available to answer questions promptly and gave a lot of his time in the responses to emails. Assignments were graded promptly. First rate!

Mike O’Kane is just excellent. He is clear, consistent, flexible, and very helpful. I would definitely take other courses that he teaches, online or seated. The more courses offered online with this structure, the more I can take. I live in a very rural part of the WWNC mountains, about 1 – 1 1/2 hours drive from A-B Tech. So it is MUCH easier for me to handle the online method, IF, they are presented and mentored as well as this one.

This class has provided me with the best online course experience I’ve ever had so far at AB-Tech. I have taken classes online in the past that were not clear at times, wrong information was given at times, and made the overall outcome of my experience horrible. But this class is honestly the BEST experience I have ever had! My favorite thing about this course, besides the skills I am picking up from the course work, is the fact that the instructor provides feedback when needed and helps you to understand what you need help with! Very, very helpful! I love this class!

Mike O’Kane is a very professional and experienced instructor. The level of organization and structure his course displays is very much appreciated.

Mr. O’Kane is an excellent teacher who clearly loves what he does. He is very knowledgeable and is always willing to help direct and instruct us when we have questions or when we aren’t grasping the concepts that are being taught.

The instructor and the book made complicated programming material more understandable. Whenever I had a problem, the instructor always responded quickly. Expectations of course material were made available well in advance of the time needed to be completed.
Mr. O’Kane is extremely knowledgeable in terms of class material. All teachers should have to use the web-based approach for Intro to Programming and Logic. Looking forward to future programming classes!

This course has worked perfectly for me from a distance perspective. The textbook is engaging and well-written and the instructor is consistently available for questions or help on the material. The course is paced in such a way so as to make the work manageable. I have really enjoyed what I am learning and look forward to learning more.

I really enjoy taking this course. I hope to take more like this next semester. The instructor is very friendly and helpful. I live 40 miles from campus and online courses are the easiest for me. I thought it would be more difficult to learn online, but I have had no problems. Mr. O’Kane has created a course that is structured so I can learn easily. I hope all my other courses are as good.

Mr. O’Kane’s book and exercise went hand in hand. The chapters progressed at a reasonable and sustainable rate.

“I have to say that as far as a textbook goes, this one is the best I have ever worked from … my interest has been sparked in a big way. I love this course and definitely will be looking into others of this nature. I was a little hesitant about taking an online course in something that I had no previous knowledge about, but the book is clearly written with plenty of examples. It’s a great reference – well worth every penny! .. There is enough time to be able to read the lesson, work through the exercises, and gain an understanding of the material between each lesson. I am definitely challenged, which I prefer, but not to the point of frustration. ”

One of the best computer textbooks I have read so far. It breaks down hard to understand info very well. It has plenty of exercises that reinforces the material. The teacher was very helpful every step of the way. Excellent teacher and textbook.

I learned a lot in this course. Mike O’Kane was very helpful throughout the course. It was an interesting class and I think it will help so much with my long terms goals.

Mr. O’Kane really has the online class system down. The reason I wouldn’t consider taking another online course is because all the other online courses I have taken are lame at best. I would take another of Mr. O’Kane’s though. He takes these courses seriously. I get the feeling from other instructors that these classes are like an afterthought.

“Hi, Mike. Just wanted to comment on the course. . . I literally knew nothing about programming before this class. “HTML, PHP – what’s that?”;-) .. I am amazed with how much I learned! Your book was wonderful in explaining the (sometimes tricky) concepts. ..”

This course has been EXCELLENT. A very enjoyable learning experience, to say the least … I like the way the book presents so many examples, and also how the book acknowledges the different places where certain tasks are completed differently in “real-world” situations. The instructor’s feedback was very timely and helpful as well. This is one class that I truly hate to see come to an end. The workload was very reasonable, the exams were very direct, straight-forward, and relevant … This class should be a model for ALL the online classes presented at AB-Tech.

“I am enjoying the class very much. I have picked up a couple books on php before. However, I never made it past the introduction because they don’t cover the importance of algorithms. The books I looked through focused on examples of code, but not how and why. I feel as though this class is the missing link! I can’t wait to start putting all the pieces together!”

“I enjoyed your class very much. I thought the book was very well set up and easy to follow for an on-line class. For me there was ample time to complete each assignment. Thanks again and I look forward to taking JAVA next semester.”

“I have already taken this course and have had a 5 year time out which requires me to retake it. I already feel that I am getting more out of this class than the one before. We seem to have done only flow charts. I don’t remember writing very much code at all. But so far I am really enjoying the course.”

“The content is really interesting. I didn’t know what to expect from this course but I’ve really enjoyed the content and like the subject matter. It’s challenging, but the logical presentation makes it understandable. The textbook is good, well organized and set up in a logical fashion. I like that the skills that I learn the week before carry over into the next weeks lesson. ”

“I’ve found the course to be a valuable initial step into the web development field. It seems to offer a good overview of the field while teaching immediately useable skills. I’m enjoying the course. .. The text is thorough and written in clear language. The chapter quizzes serve as useful study guides. ..”

“I think your book is one of the most easy to read computer programming books… No chapter is too lengthy or too complex based on what we’ve learned before. .. in the past, when I have tried to teach myself HTML or some VisualBasic, I hated trying to tease out the most important things from these huge books that are really more like encyclopedias than texts. ”

“I think the course is really great. I took this course several years ago and struggled through it and therefore have not used the information since then. The book that was used at that time had some examples but you were not using any program to do any real hands on, which for me is the best way to learn. I really love the way the book is written. It is easy to understand and finally makes programming and logic make sense.”

“Regarding the class, I am very happy with it so far and have had fun doing the assignments and reading the text. Specifically I like how the coursework is focused on web-based apps. HTML, CSS and PHP are all things I wanted to know more about before enrolling in the course. I think the textbook is highly readable .. Overall, I have already learned a lot about programming and am having a good time doing it and look forward to the rest of the course.”

“I find the textbook extremely easy to follow. I’ve taken this class before and had to drop due to my load, and this time around it is much easier to follow. I’m learning things I wasn’t able to pick up last time. Your step by step approach, and layman terms are helpful in learning programming, something that I would otherwise have a lot of trouble with. .. Everything is explained clearly and sectioned off. I am enjoying this class. I haven’t run into anything that I haven’t been able to find the answers right on your site. ”

“First of all I had intended to tell you thank you so much for this textbook! My boyfriend gave me his programming book and I tried to get ahead but the book was…well. Horrible. I didnt mind paying for a book I didnt plan on because it is truly excellent. I have not looked at the powerpoints but I am sure others have if they don’t have much computer knowledge. As far as the exercises go they are very good. I have actually enjoyed doing them… ”

“The textbook is good, it’s really easy to follow. I haven’t really used the powerpoints mainly because it’s just like the book and I would rather read the book and take notes in it. I’m sure that if I can’t figure out something that I will refer to the powerpoints for further guidance. The exercises have been good so far. They aren’t like easy but they aren’t difficult…”

“I think you did a great job on the text. It reads exceptionally well and is very easy to understand. I’ve really enjoyed all the exercises thus far. I was even a little disappointed when I was finished and there was no more to do. I can’t wait to learn more …”

“So far I’ve really enjoyed the class. The text is very explanatory, and I like that it’s tailored specifically for this class. The powerpoints are very helpful, more so than I thought they would be, and the exercises are fun and challenging. As for the difficulty level, I think it’s just about spot on, with a few simple exercises and a few harder ones. … I’m taking this class as part of an Information Systems degree, but it’s already made me think more about programming. ”

Mr. O’kane is an attentive and caring instructor who takes the time to make sure all of his students are succeeding. this is why I hope he continues to teach more online courses that I might need in the future!

The instructor’s ability to respond quickly and clearly with issues pertaining to the class was top notch. The materials and guidlines were very clear and easy to follow.

Mr. O’Kane’s willingness to help me with coding issues and show me where exactly I went wrong.

Michael was always helpful and very encouraging.

The text book, which was written by Mr. O’Kane, was an excellent resource. This is not a subject I was familiar with before, but the way the text and the course were presented laid the subject out in a logical sequence that made the subject easier to learn. This is definitely a book that I will not be selling at the end of the semester. Any time I had a question, whether it related directly to an assignment or not, Mr O’Kane responded via e-mail very quickly and answered my questions thoroughly.

It was helpful having the sample code to follow, test and experiment with while reading the chapters. Because all the topics were transparently & unambiguously presented in the book, it was easy to understand the material.

The book is excellent and very easy to read and learn from. Any time I had a question, I would receive a response almost immediately.

I loved the way the assignments were done in steps….starting with finding errors in programs, modifying programs and then writing our own. It enabled me to see what was needed and understand the concepts easily.

Great textbook, great presentation of the material, great assignments. Probably the best online class I will ever take. I was really impressed with the class and the teacher. The teacher was available to answer questions promptly and gave a lot of his time in the responses to emails. Assignments were graded promptly. First rate!

Teacher had the course laid out in a simplified manner which made it easy to keep track of what was going on and he gave you the choice to pass or fail.

The well written text book, its logical procession, and the instructor’s enthusiasm for the subject. Also, his willingness to answer questions thoroughly in class and quickly through email.

He was usually very quick in response to emails and always ready and willing to help us if we were in a bind.

The exercises involving actually writing out the code and using it were most helpful to me in learning the material.

Mike wrote up excellent notes to help us with difficult material. He was also always available and provided feedback right away.

The additional materials that the instructor wrote and posted online to supplement the book were incredibly helpful, as the book was sometimes impenetrable and obscure on certain concepts.

Very good about responding to emails and explaining the material further than the book did.

Professor O’Kane is a great teacher. I had him several years ago in an Intro to Programming class and enjoyed it. And I’ve enjoyed this class too. I understand that this is the first year this particular text book has been used, but I’ve enjoyed it and it has been easy to understand and follow. There is just too much to learn in a single semester and I wish that there was an advanced Java programming class, but this book will make it easier for me to continue learning on my own. Thanks Prof. O’Kane for a job well done!