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All programmers make syntax errors

About the Book

Title: A Web-Based Introduction to Programming: Essential Algorithms, Syntax, and Control Structures Using PHP, HTML, and MariaDB/MySQL, Fifth Edition, 710 pp., December 2022
Author: Mike O'Kane
Publisher: Carolina Academic Press
ISBN 5th Edition: 978-1-5310-2210-5 e-ISBN 978-1-5310-2211-2
ISBN 4th Edition: 978-1-5310-0274-9 e-ISBN 978-1-53100-707-2
ISBN 3rd edition (Jun 2013):978-1-61163-470-9 (LCCN: 2013016501
ISBN 2nd edition (Dec 2010):978-1-59460-844-5
ISBN 1st edition (Aug 2008): 978-1-59460-523-9

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(800) 489-7486 x121 or

A Web-Based Introduction to Programming combines basic HTML and CSS with PHP and MySQL to introduce essential programming syntax, operations, and control structures. The hands-on Web-based approach is designed for students with no previous experience and offers a suitable first programming course for a range of disciplines. The book makes use of a freely available lampp distribution that students can install in minutes on any Windows, macOS or Linux computer with no need to access a remote Web server.

Topics include: algorithms, markup and style sheets, basic PHP syntax, text file processing, selection structures, loop structures, indexed and associative arrays, Web sessions, functions, database queries, and object-oriented programming. The appendices provide additional topics and tools: data representation; file addressing, using the command line, security and validation, FTP, version control with git and GitHub, and phpMyAdmin. Chapters begin with a list of clear learning outcomes and end with quizzes and three levels of code exercises: fixit exercises challenge students to fix specific syntax and logical errors; modify exercises require additions to existing code; complete code exercises provide requirements for simple applications. Note that instructors can "cherry pick" suitable topics after the first few chapters.

The Fifth Edition has been significantly updated and includes expanded coverage of HTML, CSS and PHP, as well as introductions to a number of useful tools. The textbook Web site provides support for software installation as well as student "Hints and Help" pages, useful tutorials, and instructor resources.