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Installing, Using and Troubleshooting your Web server in Windows

Your textbook CD comes with a self-extracting installation of the Web server for Windows. Use the installation instructions provided here instead of the instructions on the textbook CD. These instructions contain an additional step if you are installing on a fixed drive, or in a sub-folder on a USB drive. (Instructors please distribute the instructions provided here to ensure that students install their Web server successfully.)

Installing And Running Your Web Server In Windows (WORD document)

Video Tutorials

Here are video tutorials to guide you through installing and using your Web server in Windows:

Installing Your Web Server In Windows (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Running Your Web Server In Windows (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Using Your XAMMP Web Server to Run and Test Existing Programs (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Creating and Testing New Programs(VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Are you Having Trouble Installing or Using your Web Server in Windows?

Trouble-shooting your Web server installation (Windows)

Are you having trouble using your Web server?

Do you Need an Installation Copy of the Web Server?

If you don't have a copy of the Web server, or if there is a problem with your installation disk, here is the same self-extracting installation of the Web server that was provided with the textbook. Download this file and then follow the installation instructions above to install the Web server. IMPORTANT: Be sure to download and install the correct version for your textbook edition!